Donovan Sean Releases “3 DIGIT TEMP”

Residing in Los Angeles California, up-and-coming, West-Coast artist “Donovan Dub” is determined to put hip hop in it’s proper position. Donovan has been grabbing listeners’ and fans’ ears with his vivid storytelling, sharp punch-lines, 1990’s swagger, and his “voice”. Donovan Dub says, “I just want to carry the torch and bring music back to the Golden Era, where it was all beats and rhymes. I like to call it “The Essence”.” Donovan’s music has an early 1990’s feel intertwined with stories of love, hate, victory, and Life in sunny Los Angeles. Dropping his first hip hop installment, “D-Train” in late 2011 on Touch Paypah Entertainment, Dub promises to capture the heart of real hip hop fans searching for “The Essence”. Check out his latest release, “3 DIGIT TEMP” now.