Coming from a broken home and a history of drug abuse, Dynostik uses Hip-Hop as an outlet to suppress the emotions that are his thoughts. After suffering from alcoholism and performing many crimes, Dynostik Realized he was losing grip of the steering while that controls his life. It was time to get a grip, and get in control.

He grew up being inspired by Tech N9ne, Bone Thugz an Harmony and Eminem. “Eminem was shown to me by my uncles in the early 2000’s,” said Dynostik. Right then in that moment, Dynostik knew his love for Poetry and Hip-Hop would begin. By the Age of 13, Dynostik wrote his first track. With encouragement and support from his close friend, Dynostik the Rapper was Born.
Dynostik delivers versatile lyricism with a smooth impact. He will be releasing his first project, “Self-Destruction,” on all major streaming platforms in 2019. Check out his latest hit, “Root Of All Evil” above now. Reach out to him on Instagram and give him some feedback as well!