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Artist Name: Ann Badere-Santos

I’m From: Philippines

Primary Genre: Alternative/Rock/Folk/Blues/Pop

Social Media Links: https://www.artmusicworks.com/musicofann.html

What Fans Should Know About Me: Ann is primarily engaged in professional design practice and creative art. But her serious passion in music would only haunt her silently until it aches to just ignore it — because she’s been sporadically composing tunes for a long while, anyway, with guitar, piano and DAW. By 2019, she listened to the inner calling of Music and released her simplest debut instrumental single, “Song of the Night Owl,” just to test the waters. Then, she decided to collaborate with Mica China [pronounced as Meeca Cheena], who became the voice behind her indie releases. Mica is currently taking up Conservatory of Music major in piano performance and minor in voice.

Ann thought: “Music shall speak for its own, while the rest are just consequences…”
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