AyeRon Releases “Feelings About You”

“My name is AyeRon,” said the artist. “I’m a rapper/songwriter born and raised in Denver and Aurora, Colorado. I have recently began taking music seriously and I want to get my music out to people. I am unique as no one sounds like me when it comes to voice or the way I rap. I make what most people would consider rap/hip-hop music but regardless of genre I make music I think people can relate to or I think they will enjoy. My favorite artist of all time is Charles Hamilton and I love punchlines, I love writing love songs but ultimately I love making music. I want to be able to have songs for anyone and everyone to enjoy and that’s why I wanna be your next favorite.” Listen to their latest hit, “Feelings About You,” here now. If you enjoy the track, reach out to them on Instagram and show them some love.