I’d like you to consider having your music played on BBS Radio!

BBS Radio provides over 120 LIVE talk radio show program production hours a week. Our Station is also dedicated to running from indie artists.

We Require No Exclusivity Arrangements – NONE!

We give you exposure! No risk! And promote you, without ever requiring anything but your submission!

We play you! You get exposure! No strings!

BBS Radio Affiliate Partners: https://bbsradio.com/affiliate-partners

BBS Radio can be heard live on over 115 of the World’s largest live Broadcast Stations, the three main Social Networks, the biggest Podcast Stations on the planet, and streams directly to internet stations physically located in 36 countries and heard by over 207 countries and territories.

We are excited to bring this opportunity to emerging artists.

Douglas Newsom
Co-Founder & CEO BBS Radio