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Artist Name: @BeatsTyrie

I’m From: Manchester NH

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Social Media Links: https://twitter.com/BeatsTyrie

What Fans Should Know About Me: When your role models lead you in a million directions, eventually you have to make a decision. “The neighborhood always accepted me and it was never the reason for my problems to be honest.” The streets kept @BeatsTyrie sane and hopeful. It was the temptation to fast money and the lifestyle. Partying was Brian Tyrie’s first hustle. Always knowing where the private house parties are at, and eventually becoming the entrepreneur that would double a paycheck in just a couple hours, Brian Tyrie fell into that temptation.

Fast forward some years, in and out of trouble, from a troubled teen who graduated to a rebellious thug. Facing multiple charges for violence against those who opposed us, Brian knew he had to make a lifestyle change. Friends dying from overdoses and violence confirmed the decision to get out.

Most of the charges were punished through probation and counseling, since Brian would blame and admit to a drug and alcohol problem. Brian had caught the same disease he was selling, addiction. Never participating in rehab, just detoxing himself and studying spirituality, Brian Tyrie secluded himself in this transformation. Now 7 years clean from drugs and 5 years off the alcohol. We present the #JourneyOfBeatsTyrie

“Some of the aspects that really inspire and motivate me to create is the feeling you get when you hear specific sounds. What good is a horror movie on mute? All that emotion is set in the frequency of the vibrations. That is what keeps me interested.” Brian Tyrie aka @BeatsTyrie
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