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Artist Name: Beezy Bee

I’m From: Washington

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Social Media Links: @BeezyBee808Mumma/YouTube. Com #SoundCloud
https://soundcloud.com/brandee-mumma @beezee808 on rap fame. Brandee Mumma on reverbnation @beezy2788/instagram. Brandee Mumma linked inked in , Twitter, &fcbk & hUrtNopAin2788@tumbler.com

What Fans Should Know About Me: Here’s to all the colorblind artists, dyslexic writers. Tone deaf musicians and depressed comedians… i am your poster child.. i am up next.. and i love you all so hard baby.. my story is too dark to tell.. im on sum sunshine and i just want to make you smile. XoXo

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