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Artist Name: Blacc Cza

I’m From: Portland Oregon

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Social Media Links: https://www.facebook.com/BlaccCza24kt / twitter is @CzaBlacc https://open.spotify.com/track/567IrRVLsvSnjyzJsFB4UL?si=Kq8EklZsR-u6LY2LH4eIJw

What Fans Should Know About Me: First of thank you for taking time to vibe with me
. Respect too you. I’m a Indie artist from Hillsboro OR. i got into rap in the 90s, a OG gave me X-Raideds first tape I knew music was my passion. There was many more to move me but the 2nd key artist that kept me in the game was Eminem. he made music fun again,kinda like Brotha Lynch Hung did when i went looking for more Raided. I find myself curating a lot more and connecting with artist with positive feedback. Life is beautiful the music we listen too should be too. RESPECT

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