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Artist Name: Damion the Menace

I’m From: Chicago

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Social Media Links: @ DamiontheMenace on all platforms

What Fans Should Know About Me: Born November 16th 1992 in Tampa, Florida. Damion has lived in multiple environments ranging from low income urban to country. He endured heavy abuse from his drug addicted step father and mother from the ages of 7-12. He would be punished by being locked in a metal shed in the Florida heat for hours at a time after being beaten down by his step father. He was constantly in and out of foster care and group homes where he was usually bullied. He would write poetry in his journals and freestyle any chance he got as a way to express his emotions. At school he would battle rap with others.
When Damion turned 13 years old his father came into the picture and saved him. His father believed in him and got him a guitar. He didn’t stop at learning guitar, he picked up multiple instruments and even took vocal lessons for years at school. At 15 years old he composed his first instrumental. Damion was also the lead guitarist and vocals for a rock band that him and his best friend created in high school.
He continued his education by taking audio production and sound design courses in college.
He has been composing music and writing songs for over 10 years
Producing for 5+ years.
His music is positive and speaks the truth of society.
He is also a huge mental health advocate

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