Fred Donato Releases “Nerve”

“I go by Fred Donato,” said the artist. “I’m from the northside of Houston. I make music. I can hold a note enough to capture your ear lol, and I write rhymes, whether it be in my head or on paper, whatever it takes. A lot of my homies say my music is spiritual. Some would say I’m a conscious artist, but I would just say I’m aware in response to that. My pen is very versatile. I’ve seen and been in many situations that cultivated my take on music. My support system, books, movies, and everyday life (the ups & downs) are like fuel to my fire. What I would want people to take from my music is just to understand that there is a time for everything, a time to think, a time to play, just everything it’s two sides to a coin. I want people to know that my music is always evolving.”

Listen to his latest hit, “Nerve,” here now. If you enjoy the track, reach out to him on Instagram and show him some love.