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Artist Name: Gregory Kemmis

I’m From: Snohomish

Primary Genre: Alternative/Rock/Folk/Blues/Pop

Social Media Links: Twitter:



What Fans Should Know About Me: Gregory Kemmis is an American Singer/Songwriter focusing on the R&B/Pop genres.

Kemmis began writing lyrics in 2004, and was discovered by TuneCore Inc. 13 years later, after he left college. Throughout his time practicing his acapella voices, he was not picking up many streams and multiple fans acknowledged his abilities to sing, but needed additional beats to back them up.

Kemmis eventually recognized this was accurate, so he began searching for beats to blend in as backgrounds to his future releases. Right around the time he began to work on his relaunches, Kemmis was discovered by LiquidSound Records from a previous contact, a former manager had introduced him to.

Kemmis is now working under a monthly signed contract with LiquidSound Records, after retaining over a decade of experience in both the audio and video production areas of the entertainment industry. He awaits the chance to perform, and wishes to relocate to Canada.

Previous hobbies Kemmis was involved in were swimming and 4H during his years at Snohomish Senior High School. Upon his High School graduation in 2003, he began continuing music, video editing and creative writing.

He also was the sole contributor of a limited drama-documentary series entitled, “The One By One Documentaries”, an autobiography Kemmis directed and produced, combining the purpose of his former non-profit organization, “Substitute Substandards Inc.” in 2016/2017 (while discovering new heights as a Musician).

Gregory Kemmis is an Artist and an Advocate for media literacy, using his talents to change an individual’s perspective on how to help themselves and how to tackle social issues. Though Kemmis has done much towards his path in media previously, he continuously looks for new opportunities to connect with others, and pursue his professional goals.

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