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Artist Name: Harrieta

I’m From: Hamburg

Primary Genre: Alternative/Rock/Folk/Blues/Pop

Social Media Links: https://www.harrietamusic.com/


What Fans Should Know About Me: Hamburg-based singer/songwriter Harrieta creates energetic, Power Pop ballads steeped in the Soul tradition. Like so many of the great Soul singers, she got her start in the church choir. This influence can be heard in the passion, powerful vocals, and uplifting lyrics that define her signature sound.

Harrieta was born in Uganda and lived for a time in Cape Town before making her home in Germany. Her latest EP “Speak your Mind”, explores themes of self-discovery is now out.

LATEST RELEASE The titular song from Hamburg-based Soul/Pop singer Harrieta’s upcoming EP, ‘Speak Your Mind’ is a lyrical ode to conquering your demons and finding your voice.

Through the opening verse, Harrieta explores the fears and doubts that keep us quiet until the powerful crescendo into a chorus, where her smooth vocals encourage us to speak out.

The lush, gorgeous track has all the elements of a perfect pop song; chorus that hooks, relatable lyrics that pack a punch, and a melody that is impossible to forget.

In total, the EP contains 4 songs, each exploring a different theme of self-growth and reflection. From the titular track to the independency-focused ‘Slow Me Down’, the EP tells a cohesive story and is an excellent introduction to what the upand- coming artist is capable of.

Click play above to listen to this artist’s latest track. If you enjoy the track, make sure you reach out to them on their social media links above. Show them some love!

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