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Artist Name: Icy P

I’m From: Detroit

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Social Media Links: https://twitter.com/LilBillRaps

What Fans Should Know About Me: My real name is Darren Gilbert and I’m an artist, mostly a rapper, and a writer. I’m OK at singing, but don’t worry, once you try to sing in a different tone, you’ll get the hang of it like singing ABC’s and 123’s. Keep doing it every day and that’s how you feel awesome with your voice.

In 2014, I was signed up for a rap camp with Yolanda in Highland Park. What was interesting is, rapping makes me feel more enthusiastic, more serious, and more comfortable for a week. I was excited to be on stage by Friday because when you walk up to the stage, the crowd goes wild like they are supporting you and giving you some love. I was very surprised that the crowd likes me to spit some bars, but I did for a while and then I started to rap about how Detroit is my hometown. I always ride to Detroit to see what’s new. Unfortunately, I have to say goodbye to my favorite girl, Yolanda. She would come back and visit me again on another day. This is why choose to rap, so I can be famous one day, and everyone will look upon me!

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