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Artist Name: ID MM

I’m From: Bruechau

Primary Genre: Electronic

Social Media Links: https://twitter.com/MaikMueller1

What Fans Should Know About Me: Hello!

I am a German musician and my artist name is “ID MM”. I sell my electronic music at “AMAZON”, “iTunes” and other shops and streaming services. I started in 2012 to compose electronic music. Sometimes I take pictures and I create CD-MP3-Covers or other graphical works. I also published ebooks and paper-books with the titles „Attack Of The Spider Woman“ and „Der Kampf Der Spinnenfrau“.

I am urgently searching lyrics-writers and singers for my instrumental electronic tracks! If You want to work with me than write me and take a look at my Twitter-site: Maik Mueller (ID MM)- URL: https://twitter.com/MaikMueller1

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