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Artist Name: Jay Jai

I’m From: sacramento ca

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Social Media Links: https://www.facebook.com/vorietipack/



What Fans Should Know About Me: Jay Jai is the Californian artist taking West Coast Rap in a distinctive-new direction. The artist’s ability to seamlessly sit Rock Rhythms against urban beats is a feat which many contemporary artists strive towards and never quite reach. With the singular aim of breaking into the music industry since the age of 10, Jay Jai passion for production is still audible within Jay Jai’s sound to this day. After getting plenty of opportunity to polish and perfect his sound from involvement with popular R&B groups in the 90s, his talent has been stylistically matured. After five years of successful single releases with his creative soundscapes, Jay Jai’s music consistently welcomes his listeners into a new era of sound. Jay Jai remains a prolific production machine, always searching for new means of experimental expression. By constantly scouring for new inspiration, Jay Jai’s style is constantly evolving through new intricate infusions from a myriad of genres. But behind the aural drive to his tracks, Jay Jai also strives to make music which will resonate with the listener going beyond the offering of superficial lyricism. Jay Jai has amassed a loyal Bay Area fanbase through his command of harmony,

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