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Artist Name: KaOus aka Whisper

I’m From: Detroit

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Social Media Links: FB, IG, Twitter, TikTok, etc. @MSZWhisper

What Fans Should Know About Me: KaOus aka Whisper is a poet, writer, entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan. He grew up on the west side and graduated from Northwestern High School in 2009. Whisper started rapping while attending Cherry Hill School of Performing Arts in Inkster. Whisper would later begin producing in 2006, while in high school, then engineering in 2008 under DJ Charlie Munk.

In 2008, Whisper released his first project, Tha Nu Beginnin’ Mixtape (TNB). Whisper did not recognize TNB as a part one until 2009, when Tha Nu Beginnin’, Vol 2 (TNB2) was released. Tha Nu Beginnin’ 3 was released in 2011; it was the first project recorded under the direction of WhisperMuzik. In 2016, Whisper released TNB4 (Tha Nu Beginnin’ 4), followed by 4ever Edition in 2017. In 2018, Whisper released Tha Nu Beginnin’ 5 (TNB5).

Whisper released his first album, Opinionated, in 2012. The album was produced, composed, written, and mixed by Whisper. Opinionated was the first full length album under the WhisperMuzik label; with label mates C.E.F., Ressy Bush, and Rain Darko.

Alongside Whisper’s mixtape series TNB (Tha Nu Beginnin’), he released the first installment of his EP series in 2013, titled Fear of the Unknown; which is produced, written, and composed by Whisper. KaOus aka Whisper released the second installment, Macabre Relations, in 2019 which features his single “87th & Cottage Grove” that was produced by Syck Toonami.

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