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Artist Name: Matt Hamm3r

I’m From: Benson, Arizona

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Social Media Links: Twitter: @L1l_M33zy
Instagram: @matt_hamm3r

What Fans Should Know About Me: Matt Hamm3r is compiled of three exaggerated aspects of me. They are sectioned as Matt Hammer, Calypso, and Lil Meezy. Each one has their own style of lyrics and sound, and come together on the Tales From A Misfit series. Matt Hammer talks about my life but in a more sad and extreme obsessive way. While Lil Meezy tells stories about topics I see that need talking on. And finally Calypso is all about talking the talk and expressing opinions on sensitive topics that are normally hard to talk about or hard to talk about because of arguments.

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