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Artist Name: MAYJHA

I’m From: Chicago

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Social Media Links: https://www.instagram.com/mayjha00/

What Fans Should Know About Me: Mayjha grew up in the inner city of Chicago. Mayjha took to the streets at an early age. There he witnessed the struggles of his poverty struck people that were plagued with prostitution, drugs and gang violence. Seeing no way out of his dire situation he turned to music as an alternative from experiencing the harsh realities of what life currently offered him at that time. Leon then started to listen to music, it provided an escape. Then one christmas day he received a mini keyboard and realized he had the ability to play music he had heard. That sparked an undying interest that encouraged Leon AKA Mayjha to start creating his own original musical works with influences from the funk era, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop and a few other genres. Mayjha believes that music is one of the many tools to educating those that seek to learn more. Through the universal language of music boundaries, such racial indifference, poverty and war, can be torn down. Mayjha seeks not only to entertain but to inform and if possible even heal and provide comfort to those that are in need. Mayjha’s approach to music is simple, make it hot and relatable

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