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Artist Name: Monte Ray

I’m From: Little Rock, AR

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Social Media Links: http://www.soundcloud.com/MonteRaySP


What Fans Should Know About Me: Born and raised in North Carolina straight out of Midway, Monte Ray found solace in music at an early age. “I’ve been in the studios since I was born,” he explains. “My dad was a disc jockey for a radio station in Greensboro, NC, so when I was a kid I would always get to sit with him. My mother taught me how to play the drums and it just went from there. I didn’t start messing around with [music] until I was twelve, but I’ve always been around music since I was born.”

Monte Ray – the only child in a musical household – turned to writing raps and poetry to help deal with every day struggles. He prides himself on the balance of assertiveness with melodic play in his lyrics, a style that he calls “R&B Crack”, another way of seeing his music as being addictive to listeners. Press play on his 2019 single, Pull Up Game, and notice the irresistible mixture of wordplay and harmonies that has set him apart from any artist. It’s his skill to take relatable scenarios and turning them into masterpieces that has garnered Monte Ray a diverse group of fans online.

On wax or off, Monte Ray hopes his fan base continues to feel the originality through his music. “I’m human just like everyone else, and I just want them to see that. I don’t want anyone to ever think they are alone. I know what this generation is missing, and I just simply want to share that love with everyone.”

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