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Artist Name: Pen Franklin

I’m From: Dover, De

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Social Media Links: Instagram.com/bogfrank302




What Fans Should Know About Me: Big Frank,’ born Roosevelt Franklin Thomas, is the son of Roosevelt Franklin Stubbs III and the late Denise Hill. He has been an entrepreneur in Kent County for 15 years. Frank has embarked on a journey of entertainment in hopes of becoming a staple for Delaware sound, teaching vocal classes to the youth and inspiring artists of all genres.
In 2014 he represented Delaware on NBC’s “The Voice” as well as being the first R&B artist from Dover to gain traction on the Pandora platform. Early 2015 the “Tweet Your Heat” podcast was created in partnership with Firefly Music Festival. In which he provided 33 employment opportunities for members of our community, choosing the name “Backyard Bizarre” to emphasize our backyard. As 2020 approaches, he projects a growing number of opportunities to help youth find their passion and provide them a platform to display their art. Recent articles in Sways Universe and This is 50 publications have aided him in bringing the spotlight to Dover’s music scene. Through his vision and God’s correction, we can expect many more opportunities to come to our community. #Thankful #LetGrow

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