Ras Paulo Releases “Good Morning”

Ras Paulo,was born in the Island of the Sun Cape Verde.Santo-Antao
where the sound of music is in the air day and night.
His father was a singer and guitar player too…

Sitting around in palm tree shade, playing and singing with friend´s supporte cool breeze of the Atlantic Ocean Sea.

Early days Ras Paulo left Cape Verde to Lisbon, Portugal, the big multicultural City, which never sleeps. Many different music styles, community open, but at the same time Ras Paulo that was cultural clash, automatically Ras became a member of the Universal communication among others, People of the World. ( ON THE RISE)

The line of living also missing love from Family, and friends, because his big family wasn´t there anymore to take care of him .

From beginning Ras Paulo very little, was the singer at home in between his Family, and neighbourhood. Singing a lot of traditional songs, which he could perform

GOD teach me how to love people. We live learning, and loving one another.
Give and receive.”ras paulo”

Turning back to the point, Ras Paulo singing is very talented well tuned, impressionable, positively, with his sweet Voice, very creative charismatic,and universal attitude understanding.

Conscientious Lyric´s which could reveal your spirit.
His singing education at Sinofila music school in Lisbon made him strong and confident
in the music Scene.

Listening brand new styles at the time, quietly wilde, Suddenly Ras Paulo start to perform around in clubs and private parties, with friends as a front man and sometimes as DJ.
The first since ever since Reggae music group, in Portugal . Was Ras Paulo´s Band: namely “the numbers ” Performing all around Portugal at the time in Parties, Summertime Jam´s, until Hotels.
An veteran, in the music scene, Ras Paulo different style Reggae Roots Ragga element Afro-Beat very original world sound and a little of commercial rhythms.

A Kind of funny singing but deep emotional I hope you could see him performing one of his favorite song, the sound of today. you could see how exciting and emotional person he is.

We just have one life, and very short: And so, try to take the best of it.
I feel good when I have to sing and shout, it helps

Living in Germany with Band German Jamaicans, Reggae Performing Shows.

I think that I take my musical inspiration from the environment,what I see , what I hear , from people`s talking. What I read and what I feel. ras paulo
A Nation with Law, is undisciplined nation.Word of most HIGH .Emperor Haile Selassie.

Listen to his latest hit, “Good Morning,” here now. If you enjoy the track, reach out to him on YouTube and show him some love.