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Rico is an intellectual, a deep thinker, someone who thinks outside the box and stands firm on that thought.

“I’m from Detroit, but not like the common rapper you come across from Detroit,” said Rico. “I look up to people such as Kanye West, Farrakhan, Malcom X, Killer Mike, David Banner and many more.”

“I take pride in pushing the boundaries of not just hip hop but music in general. I like to take it as far as it can possibly go nothing is off limits in conversations with me. I like to look at my art as sonic paintings of a situation or the soundtrack to a energy being released.”

“I plan on changing the world. I see myself as that seed Tupac planted that is beginning to grow. My debut album hits all stores on 11/28 thanksgiving titled Rhythm&Poetry a play on the word and creation of a acronym for (R.A.P.)”

Listen to his latest hit, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind,” here now. If you enjoy the track, reach out to him on Instagram and show him some love.

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