“We are RULEBREAKERZ,” said the group. “We’re a dance music act from Essex, consisting of singer/songwriter EmmaG, & main producer/DJ Marshall.”

“EmmaG has been writing songs since she was a teenager & was a club dancer for many years, & DJ Marshall has been DJing since the 90s from vinyl to cds to usbs, whilst learning Ableton inside n out & making tunes!”

“We needed each other to take our music ideas further & do something with them. Then back in 2008 we met for the first time since back in our school days. And now, here we are! We went from mates, to crazy best mates, to a couple, to getting married & making music! What a journey! And we’ve loved it!
Our aim is to be big all round the world & making people feel good through our music & put on amazing mind blowing shows! We wanna be a little multi-genre, a little different from everyone else, and always Break The Rules! Like we always do! So there you go, that’s us. RULEBREAKERZ ARE COMIN. TELL YA FRIENDS! Enjoy our music, big wide world!”

Listen to their latest hit, “Drop The Bombz,” here now. If you enjoy the track, reach out to them on Instagram and show them some love.