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Artist Name: ShoNuff

I’m From: Kingsland, GA/ by way of Mississippi

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Social Media Links: www.n1m.com/iamshonuff,www.instagram.com/iamshonuff,www.twitter.com/officalshonuff

What Fans Should Know About Me: There’s no pretty picture for me to paint cause I’ve lost everthing, twice. Cars, good credit, relationships hell even best friends yeap lost and my crazy ass still in love with music, it’s who I am deal or no deal. Started playing drums in church which lead to band during my senior year I was introduced to the Dr Drum Boss drum machine which I was a slave to. Then I pushed the group concept way to long and got lost when I wasn’t the most lyrical cat at the time but I stayed working my craft moving from MS to TX to CA back to MS to Atl in 2005 back to MS to Coastal GA and Jax Fl area now and yes want what I owe me. I’ve performed as opening acts from Ghetto Boyz, 3-6 Madia and UGK (LL Pimp C) to Yo Gotti @ the Paul Battle Arena in Tunica MS even recorded Soulja Boy’s Crark The Superman at my studio when M. Callie Park signed him so at this point for me its all cards on the table. I love the support you have shown its been surreal at times which makes you the real MVP #iamshonuff www.n1m.com/iamshonuff

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