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Artist Name: Sic Wit It

I’m From: Charlotte

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Social Media Links: @sicdabeatvillain on all social platforms.

What Fans Should Know About Me: From a small country town out of NC, called Plymouth, Sic Wit It, fell in love with music from the jump, mesh together with a barrage of personalities, Sic with his best friends form the local rap group Loyal Fanatics and he never looked backed.Then life took priority and his passion sat in the shelves. At the age of 19 he joined the US Army and served a lengthy service to this country. Where he was one day engulfed, by the sounds of collective instruments being placed together to make melodies being created by his roommate Stanley Pollock in FT. Leonard Wood, Missouri. Most appreciative to his brother which taught him the basics of beat making, he then move to Texas and started a new chapter. Through the rough start out in Sic’s transition, music found it’s way to him again through his co-worker at this time. Now things are in prospective now on what he wants to do. His co-worker better know as Dino CEO of Mysterious ENT. was just getting started with his music career. Dino took him under his wing and taught him the craft of being a Producer. Granted, how everything is going Sic Wit It, he still couldn’t fully dedicate himself to the music game, be cause of his service to country. Several pages after, on to the next chapter which takes place in Europe. Sic started his family with his wife from TX, and finished out his remaining term of service in Germany. Relocating back to North Carolina he decided that the city of Charlotte seemed to be a good fit for him, and his family, so he can bring his dream into fruition. They say God put ppl in your life for a reason right, well Sic Wit It neighbor Adrian Horton happened to be a inspiring producer himself and then the knob was turned to the max and broken. Sic DaBeat Villain has rising, and puts forth in his efforts on making his mark in the music industry. Through the journey Sic never loss contact with his commrades. Where they all had there hand in creating this monster. Hince the name legion of boom was manifested. Sic also sees himself as a recording artist with his debut E.P releasing called Ground 0, on May 3rd, 2019. Written and produced by himself. Sic Wit It has worked on several artist projects with in the first 2 years into settling in the Queen City. His collaborated with Dino on 2 of his album projects, produced a up and coming artist named 2 Banguz E.P dropping this year soon, mastered Mryts Sons (Thanks for Asking) album, and several others. Believe it or not talented is an understatement, and you will more than likely be seeing and hearing more of Sic Wit It and Legion of Boom Productions with his authentic sound and style unlike no other. He’s here to take his position and the round table.

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