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Artist Name: Son Of Man

I’m From: Washington D.C

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Social Media Links: https://youtu.be/gwdPrBM0XBs

Twitter: @sonofman__
What Fans Should Know About Me: I am the “ Son Of Man”(AKA)Sekou Aquil, a Washington DC native. My mother was a Black Panther with ties to the Shakur family in the Baltimore Md area.Me. the youngest of three boys gravitated towards the street at a young age, not due to rebellion but because it was the norm growing up in the inner city. Music was always a part of my family.My brother traveled to Europe playin percussion in the Dc youth orchestra at age 16, and I played saxophone, piano, drums and French horn by the age of 13. At 16 my mother was facing 15 years in a federal institution a year later she was sentenced to 8 years in Alderson prison camp in WV. 8 months later I received 40 years in a state Penitentiary two weeks after my 18th birthday. 12 Years laters later I was released due to prosecutorial misconduct. During my transformation I learned the Bible says that the enemy, the devil(Lucifer) was once an angel of light who was a minister of music before his fall. And now that enemy has used that tool(music )to corrupt. So now the same way young David brought peace to a tormented king Saul playing music, I choose to heal, teach and encourage the people to love, threw , a art I love that has always held me in the storm. This is what inspired me to build Until. Death. Makes.Us.Eternal. Entertainment . I’ve learned that if we live only for ourselves we can’t be anything to anyone. But when we die to ourselves, our actions become eternal.Join me in building a kingdom that last’s.Deeds that will never perish , Subscribe and hit the bell to keep up with new videos and content. Bless up💯👑

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