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Artist Name: Spooky Action at a Distance


Primary Genre: Alternative/Rock/Folk/Blues/Pop

Social Media Links: https://www.facebook.com/H00dlumPhara0hs

What Fans Should Know About Me: Albert Einstein makes a SPLASH on soundcloud and YouTube!
‘Spooky Action at a Distance’. The term first coined and made popular by Albert Einstein, refers to 2 quantum particles that are entangled in such a way, that they reflect each one’s own exact state instantly when viewed without distance or time being a factor and without any known means of communication known to scientists (faster than light! Impossible? NO).
When it comes to living beings. People’s lives can also be very much this way we’ve found. In otherwords people are all leading similar lives on the same 3rd planet from the Sun, without even knowing eachother personally. All simultaniously!
Our albums and Singles are named for the various lyrical meanings represented. These words hopefully serve as profound and lovely reminders about the various spiritual events that help shape our lives and let us know in mysterious ways, that there is a Higher Power and a positive future for us all.
Our latest Pop ‘Northern Soul’ single ‘StandTogether’ long afterward takes us back in time to the protest era of the 1960’s and asks an important underlying question. When will we finally put an stop to our worldwide squabbling? And put a final end and victory dance over povery, racism and hunger? See the video: https://youtu.be/3JE-L5O_QUY

*Other MUSIC VIDEOS: shorturl.at/djpP9
*Most Pop – Dance – Trance songs on our releases contain Binaural Beats (special frequencies or tones) hidden within it’s framework, melody and rhythm to invoke within the listener, good feelings and euphoria, relief from pain and depression. Enjoy.
*See Binaural Beats – MEDICAL NEWS TODAY www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320019.php
* Special thanks Parents, friends, RZA for inspiration and MOST Highly Cherished YHWH.
* All music and videos dedicated to Norma Thelma Zambrano 1938-2019. Rest peacefully Mom the pain is over.
* Videos, Music composed, performed and produced by J. Thomas Zambrano.
* CONTACT INFORMATION: zambranotom@gmail.com
All music copyrights 2018, 2019, 2020
Thank you – S.A.M. (SpookyAction Management)
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