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Artist Name: Ted Dutch

I’m From: Washington DC

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Social Media Links: https://mobile.twitter.com/ted_dutch

What Fans Should Know About Me: Ted Dutch introducing brand new EP, Sutures.

December 2019 – Ted Dutch is ready to welcome the new year with a big bang, in the form of a brand new EP titled Sutures. This project sets the bar higher for Ted, who used this release as an opportunity to challenge himself and expand his broad sonic palette and creative range. With Sutures, Ted retains the personable and insightful approach of his songwriting, while also upping the stakes with a fantastic approach to his performance. Not many artists can easily pul off a project that features such a wide variety of elements and influences. The most obvious risk is that the material can end up sounding quite disconnected and loose – but this is definitely not the case. Ted Dutch is a master at creating organic, cohesive and consistent vibes, which really flow well throughout the span of this release. Ultimately, the artist really made a point to set the bar higher, not only for himself, but also for his listeners, genuinely delivering something that’s catchy and direct, yet forward-thinking and challenging in the best possible way. Fame is a killer production with a distinctive sound and sharp set of lyrics, commenting on the fame-driven culture of our current society. Pills is another great song, and this one really stands out for its deeper atmospheric tones and jazzy chord ideas. The beat and vocals are perfectly matched, giving the song a chill vibe. Suicide is a song with a stronger focus on creating melodic texture, and combining great beats with a classic trap twist.

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