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Artist Name: The Gerrick Martin

I’m From: Cincinnati

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Social Media Links: @thekingvirgo513 on Ig and Twitter.

What Fans Should Know About Me: Born in Cincinnati Ohio September 5th, 1991 The Gerrick Martin was brought up on Snow Hill Drive in Bond Hill before moving to Oakley at age 7. Being exposed to many different genres of music at the time he developed a keen ear for music itself. Beginning to write songs at age 9. By age 11 he had written 4 full length albums. Never to be released. In the 6th grade his rhythm book was taken in math class by Ms. Logan and wasn’t given back to him until the last day of school. He threw his first rhythm book away. Something he regrets to this day. And didn’t write for years. Even after being exposed to poetry in elementary where he shocked 6th graders with his savviness while being in the 4th grade. He took time away from writing songs. Only to have a surge of writing pieces that would make him fall second in his graduating class of 2009 as most likely to be famous. And a standing ovation for a poem called 6 Years boosted the confidence. Knowing that music was the route. The confidence was still underdeveloped. As wine becomes better with time he matured as such. Trying his handle on what he could. After hearing a cipher at Amazon that pissed him off. He stormed off reciting one of his verses from a goal mixtape that he would call The Warning: Walking To The Throne. With the rap name K.I.D.D (A King Inducing Diabolical Disasters) fellow co workers encouraged him to go after what naturally fit who he is. Teaming up with Jewelz he began to develop not only the discipline but the cadence that is necessary for any emcee. The first half of The Warning: Walking To dropped in 2016. The Warning: The Throne released in 2017 further sharpened his blades. While writing his debut album in 2018 Until Next Time. He dropped the K.I.D.D moniker. The Gerrick Martin became an official Founder and Ceo of Gerricko Enterprises Inc. Home to his record label Longevity Productions Est. 2001 and publisher for his music as well. Teaming up with United Masters he has already had his first song published to be recognized by the NBA and WNBA. Talking about a first round draft pick right? (The song wasn’t even his.) After releasing Until Next Time on his birthday September 5th 2019. The project commemorates the hard work and dedication he has put behind the quality of his work. He has begun to make strides in the industry. Even having a song chopped and screwed by Dj Slim K. His next project will be the EP Poetic Melodies. What’s next for this type of spirit? There’s only one way to find out. Watch.

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