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Artist Name: The Hymen Blasters

I’m From: Oxnard

Primary Genre: Alternative/Rock/Folk/Blues/Pop

Social Media Links: Instagram as @thehymenblasters
Twitter @hymnblstr
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hymenblasters/
Utube: The Hymen Blasters / Mystic Records Hollywood.

What Fans Should Know About Me: Established in 1988 with founding members: Aaron Abelt – drums, Rich Goodin – gutiar, David Lavine – vox, and David “Davi” Rivas – Bass. The four separate influences created a unique blend of punk rock and acid jazz. However over the years the sound has matured into a harder edged punk / rock / blues mosh up, whilst sticking to their rebellious roots in refusing to change the name, and bringing controversial lyrics, a sense of humor and keeping the old school 80s punk rock philosophy alive and well. Recently joined by Sam Hare and his unique bass style on loan from the Rikk Angnew band, the new LP “United Mistakes of America” promises to be a hit, as well as their upcoming live 7″ featuring live tracks of new and old material. Check out “The Blasters Radio” on Pandora and Spotify. – Cathy De Grande Hollywood Records / Mystic Records Hollywood BMI ©️™️

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