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Artist Name: Theatre Mutiny

I’m From: Sacramento

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Social Media Links: Soundcloud

IG: @Theatre Mutiny

Twitter: @MutinyThe

YouTube: @TheatreMutiny

iTunes – Theatre Mutiny LP


What Fans Should Know About Me: Based in Sacramento, Theatre Mutiny is a professional Musician (DJ, Producer, mainly Emcee) that has dedicated their life’s works to music and performance. Perfecting their technical abilities and unique sound over the years, Theatre Mutiny has mastered live shows and unforgettable studio recordings, while captivating the hearts of fans and audience members across the nation. Get in touch to learn more about their musical expertise, performance rates, and graphic design services. Theatre Mutiny is always seeking collaborators and guest features. Please message him if you are interested.

Click play above to listen to this artist’s latest track. If you enjoy the track, make sure you reach out to them on their social media links above. Show them some love!

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