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Artist Name: Yungblaze619

I’m From: San Diego

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Social Media Links: www.instagram.com/yungblaze619
Snapchat @yungblaze619
What Fans Should Know About Me: Ima 90s baby by the name of Elvis, but everybody calls me “YB”
Im 26 born and raised here in San Diego. My father name me Elvis, & I acquired the name “Yung Blaze” when I was in the 6th grade, my teacher called me that, he said, because your young and hotheaded . Looking back now that makes me laugh.
I’ve been doing music for about almost 10+ years. Started back in middle school. Always had a hard time trusting people and expressing my feelings, so writing it out made things a lot less heavier on my shoulders. Then the ability to put my feelings into music became an outlet. Day in and day out I’ve put in hours and hours of beating on my craft to manifest into what and who I am today. I grind hard and music has been there with me through it all. I’ve interacted with a couple of indie labels and used each one to pick up something that I was going to use myself, whether that was photography, Graphics, Videos, management, DJing, dancing, promoting, producing, engineering… etc. I slowly shaped myself into the Jaq of all trades I am today. IM DAYGOs DR. DRE! I know and truly believe I have generated a multi billion dollar vision. I’m the CEO of “BlaqueWolf Enterprise” and I’m going to do everything in my power to bring that vision to reality. I don’t consider myself better then anybody, I just possess a different appetite… IM HUNGRIER, Something always makes me want to go harder & evolve because becoming a millionaire is just too broke for me. I guess it’s a Wolf Thing!

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