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It’s Pretty Frustrating Right? You spend HOURS working on your music, and NOBODY LISTENS.

As artists ourselves, we understand EXACTLY what you’re going through.

That’s why we created Radio Play Today in the first place. To stop the STRUGGLE.

Does this story sound familiar?

We would release song after song after song, and it seemed like nobody was paying attention.

Even after sending 500-1000 DMs per day, we still only got a few plays, and NOBODY was reaching out to us to hear more music.

We felt like we hit rock bottom. We almost gave up hope…

But then….WE GOT AN IDEA…

It Was Time For A New Wave Of Music Promotion To Start…

We put together a team of artists and industry professionals, and we took matters into our own hands.

We reached out to thousands of radio stations, playlists, and record labels, and what we found SHOCKED us.

We found out that SO MANY radio stations, playlists and labels were actually looking for FIRE ARTISTS to promote too!

The problem they were having was:

1. Too many music submissions were coming in an unprofessional format.

2. Too many artists were submitting who the stations and playlists didn’t know or trust.

3. Too many artists were submitting poorly-mixed music.

Once we got this information, it was on.

We had officially figured out how to get any artist heard, help them make money, and help them make more industry connections


A New Music Promo Service Was Born…

 For 30 Days9

Since we started Radio Play Today, we’ve helped over 3000 artists get their music heard. 

We’ve also helped every one of them improve their sound, and connect with radio stations, playlists and record labels.

Are you the next artist who we help?



“But I’m just starting. I don’t think anyone will appreciate my music.”


We’ve helped thousands of artists go from zero to hero, just like that.

It all starts with just one song, and you just need a little information to succeed.

Maybe you’re thinking:

“When I get this next project done, I’ll sign up.”

You might even be thinking:

“One day this will be for me, but not until I get a little better or get more experience.”

To that we say, THE TIME IS NOW.

We’re here to help you start getting better and getting heard, TODAY. No matter what level you’re at.

You’re final thought is probably:

“All of this value, this has to be expensive.

But guess what, it’s not.

We pride ourselves in aiming to provide the most affordable music promo on the planet. 

When you sign up right now, you’ll get an exclusive, limited-time price of just $25!

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1. Your Music Sent Out To Our List of 100+ Partner Radio Stations, Playlists, and Record Labels For 30 Days ($49 Value)

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But What If I Don’t Like The Results?

We’re so confident that you’ll get results, that we offer you a 30-day MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

That’s right.

If you’re not satisfied in any way, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll send your money right back to you, no questions asked.

People are waiting to hear your music.

How long are you going to keep them waiting?

It’s time to take your music to the next level.

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What Our Artists Are Saying: 

“I loved the radio station, and you guys really helped me get the exposure I needed and were very helpful!”

J Cub (@JCubSwish)

RPT Artist

“These guys are the truth. I’m so grateful I found this company. It’s been nothing but up since I started submitting my music.”

MJ Chillin (@MJChillin)

RPT Artist

“You guys are great! I enjoyed the interview and appreciate everything you guys did for me. Thank you!”

Anth's Studio (@Studio_Anth)

RPT Artist

Get Started Now For Just $25!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is my music submitted to?

We have over 100 partner stations, blogs, and playlists, and our list is growing every day. As we add partners, your music will be submitted to them as well.

Why is it so affordable?

Our goal is to provide the most affordable, most effective music promotion available online. We strive to not only promote our artists, but help them improve their career.

Will I get emails from you guys?

Yes. It is important to keep an eye out for emails from us. You will receive emails every few days from us with updates on your profile, additional promo opportunities, tips on making money in the music industry, and offers from our partners.

Can submit more than one song?

Of course. You can submit unlimited songs. You will always pay a flat rate of $29 per song, and each song will get a separate review and submission.

How do I cancel my membership?

Just email us at radioplaytoday@gmail.com and let us know you’d like to cancel. We’ll have you cancelled within 48 hours.