Send your music to as many radio stations as you want. We pitch your songs for you, so you can focus on making great music. Send unlimited songs, just $25 per month.

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We'll add new radio stations every week for you.

Send Unlimited Songs.

You can send unlimited songs to as many stations as you want.

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Send your music to FM radio, college radio, and international radio stations around the world.

Meet New Artists

You'll also get access to our Artist Support Group, full of independent artists who will promote and support you.

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Step 1:

Sign up for Radio Play Today, become a member and login to your account

Step 2:

Fill out the music submission for for as many opportunities as you want.

Step 3:

Check your email each day for responses from radio stations and opportunities.
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"Radio Play Today has done so much for my confidence and readiness. I'll be a member for a long time. Thank you all so much!"

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April 24, 2024
5 Proven Ways to Get Your Music on the Radio: A Guide for Aspiring Artists

How To Get Your Songs Played on The Radio: Getting your music played on the radio is a significant milestone for any aspiring musician. It not only exposes your music to a wider audience but can also kickstart your career, leading to more gigs, recognition, and industry connections. At Radio Play Today, we understand the […]

May 30, 2024
How to Get Paid from Radio Play: Maximizing Your Music’s Airplay Revenue

How to Get Paid from Radio Play: Maximizing Your Music’s Airplay Revenue In the competitive world of music, getting your songs played on the radio can be a game-changer. Not only does radio airplay increase your exposure, but it also opens up opportunities to earn money. This guide will walk you through the steps to […]

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