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Here’s How It Works (Pinch To Zoom In):

We strive to create the most effective, most affordable music promotion for independent artists and labels. Click the button below to get started now.

Sound Your Best.

Your music will be reviewed by our team of producers, artists, and industry executives. If you need some help, we’ll tell you how to improve to make your music radio-ready.

Gain More Listeners.

Your music is posted on our Featured Artists page and sent out to custom playlists based on your song’s genre and platform. This means two things for you: more listeners and more streaming money.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I hear my song played?

Your song is guaranteed 30 days of radio play on our monthly radio show. You can listen on Please be sure to follow email instructions after you submit your application. Your music is also submitted to various radio stations, playlists, and record labels. When they are interested in using your music, they will email you with further instructions.

Why is it so affordable?

Our goal is to provide the most affordable, most effective music promotion available online. We strive to not only promote our artists, but help them improve their career.

Who is my music submitted to?

We have over 25 partner stations, blogs, and playlists, and our list is growing every day. You can view the list here. As we add partners, your music will be submitted to them as well.

Will I get emails from you guys?

Yes. It is important to keep an eye out for emails from us. You will receive emails every few days from us with updates on your profile, additional promo opportunities, tips on making money in the music industry, and offers from our partners.

What happens after the first 30 days?

Once the first 30 days are complete, you will receive a new submission link by email every 30 days, as long as you are a member. Your new song will be submitted to our partners, and you will continue to receive music industry tips, exposure opportunities, and offers.

Can I cancel my membership?

Of course. To cancel your membership, login to your PayPal account, click “Account Settings,” “Money, Banks and Cards,” then “Set Automatic Payments.” From there, click the Radio Play Today subscription and click “Cancel.”

What Our Artists Are Saying: 

“I loved the radio station, and you guys really helped me get the exposure I needed and were very helpful!”

“I thought that it was very kind to have an opportunity to have one of my songs featured on Radio Play Today. It made me feel accomplished like I finally have been working hard and got to what I wanted to be. Thank you guys for everything.”

“You guys are great! I enjoyed the interview and appreciate everything you guys did for me. Thank you!”