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ARtist of the week – 8.5.2019 -KSENIA

Meet KSenia, out artist of the week! Her new single, “Let Somebody Love You,” is an absolute hit. She blends smooth, crisp vocals with electronic sounds to create a vibe like you’ve never heard before. Click the photo to reach out to her on Instagram and show her some love.

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“Being on The Radio Show was a great experience. The service was excellent, it felt good to know a good team a people was excited to help me as much as I wanted to help myself. I appreciate the opportunity to be on The Radio Play Today Show.” PDG Mello

@PDGMello, RPT Rap Artist

“You guys are great! I enjoyed the interview and appreciate everything you guys did for me. Thank you!” Anth's Studio

@Studio_Anth, RPT Rock Artist

“I thought that it was very kind to have an opportunity to have one of my songs featured on Radio Play Today. It made me feel accomplished like I finally have been working hard and got to what I wanted to be. Thank you guys for everything.” Shystical

@ShysticalYT, RPT Rock/Rap Artist

“I loved the radio station, and you guys really helped me get the exposure I needed and were very helpful!” J. Cub

@JCubSwish, RPT Rap Artist


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